Time Management for Students

Publisher : Benten Books | Author : Dr. Vijay Agrawal

INR 195

Time is the gallant resource that most of us are short of. If managed properly it promises to liberate us, alleviate us and work wonders for us. This book gives an in-depth practical knowledge of time-management through the control of mind and various techniques and discussions.


If these are put into practice evolution and emancipation would start from within. This book is an endeavor (from the author) to connect you to your own-self.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Your success and the Time
Chapter 2 What is Time Management ?
Chapter 3 Distribution of Time
Chapter 4 Time & Personality
Chapter 5 Always keep an eye out for these!
Chapter 6 The Art Of Stealing Time
Chapter 7 ‘Time’s time-piece’
Chapter 8 Learn to live in the present
Chapter 9 Examinations, vacations & thE new year
Chapter 10 Your Personal Time Management Workshop

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