How to Become An IAS

Publisher : Benten Books | Author : Dr. Vijay Agrawal

INR 295

You may have any query about the IAS exam, this book will give you a solution – you will find answers to all your doubts on preliminary exam, mains and interview.


The book talks to you, in a detailed and simple manner so that there is nothing you don’t understand.
The book doesn’t deal in exam-related theories. It talks about practical things that you can actually do and do wonders with.
The truth is that this book is a sort of ‘coaching institute’, a handbook and undoubtedly an ‘encyclopedia’ for all IAS aspirants.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Why have you decided to become an IAS?
Chapter 2 Understand the nature of the exam
Chapter 3 What is UPSC looking for in you?
Chapter 4 The truth about some common exam-related beliefs
Chapter 5 Roadmap to IAS success
Chapter 6 Is coaching essential?
Chapter 7 Some important facts about civil services
Chapter 8 Choosing the optional paper
Chapter 9 How to study for IAS
Chapter 10 How to deal with newspapers
Chapter 11 Preliminary exam: Preparation of general studies (Paper 1)
Chapter 12 Preliminary exam: Preparation of CSAT (Paper 2)
Chapter 13 Preliminary exam: How to solve the question paper
Chapter 14 The biggest preparation: The mains exam
Chapter 15 Essay shouldn’t be taken lightly
Chapter 16 Compulsory English: A must win
Chapter 17 Compulsory Language (Hindi)
Chapter 18 The technique of writing impressive answers
Chapter 19 Facing the interview board
Chapter 20 Benefits of IAS preparation

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